Thursday, January 15, 2009

how crazy are you?

You may have noticed a lack of activity lately here on ye olde runblog. That's because it's like, really really cold, and I haven't been running much because of it. I'm OK with my wussiness.

So, who is the craziest among us? Put your personal temperature/mileage record in the comments. My best is an 8 mile run at 15 below zero. I wore 5 layers top & bottom, so it wasn't that bad. It wasn't that awesome either - but I survived.

So, who can top that? Right now there's a guy in Embarrass laughing his ass off at me after running in -40 degree weather.

Normally I'd take my hat off for that kind of feat, but today my ears would get frostbite if I tried it.


Kel said...

crossn81 said...

-21/-34 windchill this morning. 4.3 miles. 4 layers on the chest, two on the legs, 2 balacklava's and 1 ear band. And 40 gram thinsulate gloves!

Anonymous said...

How 'bout the -24 (As I recall) on a nice bright Sunday morning maybe ten years ago at the Bandana Run at the old Bandana Square center. We were given red bandanas to cover our faces as best they could. Ah, the good old days! Bob L