Wednesday, July 4, 2007

fireworks are dumb

Dear South Minneapolis,

Please stop igniting loud fireworks. They are dumb. Fountains are pretty, and they are quiet. Sparklers are pretty, and they are quiet. Bottle rockets and BlackCats are loud, ugly and pointless. Loud noises aren't entertaining. It's bed time, you bastards. I hope the Mpls police fine you jerks.

In other news, I ran 5 miles at 90 degrees today. The first 4 miles were easy. The last mile, not so much. The other day I weighed myself before & after an 8 mile run. I stopped at 2 drinking fountains during the run and I lost a little over 2 pounds. Scary. Granted, I'm packing 165lbs under my belt - so 2 and change isn't that bad. Who out there is a doctor? How much can I loose to sweat before my life is in danger? I only ask because we're pushing a dozen days above 90 degrees thus far - and we usually average 12 days above 90 in an entire summer. Also scary.


Evan Roberts said...

You can lose a lot more than that without any ill effects. I lost 7lb (off a pre-run weight of 157) in 80 minutes at 80 degrees the other week, and it was only the last 10 minutes that were noticably weaker. It was an easy run, so no doubt the weakness would have been noticed earlier on a harder day, but who tries to run hard in that weather?

Rob said...
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Rob said...

That's so true about the fireworks going off in South Mpls. I reported this guy across the street from me that was lighting them off in South Mpls. The police were like "well it's the 4th have a little understanding." I had to report him twice before the police finally went over there and wrote him a ticket. This guy was lighting them off in the middle of the road. In addition to the loud noise he was making, he garbaged up the neighborhood. He was too lazy to pick up after himself. Well, being that he's 20 something, smokes, and still lives with mom and dad, maybe that says something about the people that light them off. Get a life.